Improve your performance and economy with an EVS remap

You may think engine remapping, or tuning, is the preserve of high performance models or something only motoring fanatics might do to their cars.

The reality couldn’t be more different…

We carry out engine remaps to a variety of vehicles from everyday ‘runabouts’ to family hatchbacks, high performance sports cars, and even vans and light commercial vehicles. Engine remapping can benefit performance not just in improved top speeds and 0 to 60mph figures, but in the overall drivability of the vehicle.

Improved throttle response and power delivery makes a vehicle easier and more pleasant to drive, and a good quality remapping often naturally improves economy. 

The ‘one size fits all’ problem

Manufacturers set up engines so they can perform under a variety of different circumstances such as in different countries, varying temperatures, quality of fuel, a multitude of different driving styles and the possibility that not all vehicles will be serviced and maintained as regularly as they ought to be.

Also, makers use one or two engine designs to cover a multitude of power and performance needs. For example, the VW Audi group’s 1.0 three cylinder engine appears in various models and produces different power outputs. These differences are controlled by the way the engine is mapped.

What is remapping?

Modern cars feature an ‘electronic brain’ called an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that controls the various settings of the engine so determining its performance characteristics. At the factory the ECU is loaded with software that tells the engine how to perform based on preconfigured settings.

In a remapping, this software is replaced by a new version with different settings so causing the engine to behave differently. 

The net result is performance more ‘hand in glove’ to the individual motorist’s needs. For example, it’s possible to bias the performance for the ultimate in economy or performance and to compensate if the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) has been removed from a diesel engined vehicle. 

How complicated is a remapping?

It’s actually very straightforward with the right equipment and expertise - both of which we can offer at EVS Elite. We simply plug our equipment into your car’s ECU and analyse the software currently loaded before replacing it with new software based on your performance requirements.

It’s all done via a laptop and specialist electronic equipment - there’s no major engine component replacements or a need to dismantle anything. In as little as a couple of hours or maybe less your vehicle’s performance could be transformed.

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