Make sure your timing is spot on with a new belt

You may be aware of the importance of checking and changing your cam belt, but if not it’s worth spelling out that it’s vital to replace it at the manufacturer’s recommended interval. If you don’t, severe engine damage and expensive repairs and replacements will be required if the belt snaps.

The cam belt’s role

The cam belt - or timing belt - is a vertical belt that controls the intervals of when the valves open and close as part of your engine’s combustion cycle. If they were to open and close at the wrong time in the cycle, they’d hit other engine components such as the pistons with dire consequences.

In short, your engine will fail almost immediately and likely require total replacement, or at the very least extensive repair and replacement of major components. 

Over the years manufacturers have favoured using a belt as opposed to a chain to control valve timing in the interests of refinement and weight savings. Belts aren’t as durable as chains, so are at risk of snapping eventually.

It’s vital to know when you should replace your cam belt - it may be shown in your vehicle manual or will likely be available online somewhere. If you’re in doubt, we can soon help as we know - or can find out - the optimum replacement and inspection intervals and undertake them for you.

Inspection or replacement?

Individual manufacturers have differing requirements; some just have replacement intervals while others have both replacement and inspection intervals. In either case, the interval is usually when a certain mileage is reached or a particular number of years has elapsed - whichever is the sooner.

Don’t take a chance

You certainly don't want to take a chance with your cambelt; if you’re in any doubt as to when it should be replaced we can help inform you. If it needs replacing, we can undertake this for you as we’re highly experienced in cam belt replacements on a wide range of vehicles having changed many for our customers in the Chiseldon area of Wiltshire.

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