Don’t leave anything to chance with your tyres

Your tyres are vital to your vehicle’s performance, economy and safety. As the only contact with the road it’s important to keep your tyres in good condition and replace them before they’re excessively worn. 

Tyres need to have a minimum tread depth to remain legal and for your vehicle to pass the MOT test, so if you’re in doubt bring it to us and we’ll check the tread depth for you.

You don’t have to rely on a quick fit centre for lower prices. As part of our ‘total vehicle services’ offering to motorists in the Chiseldon and north Wiltshire area, we provide competitively priced tyre repairs and replacements for all sorts of vehicles.

Tyre type and quality

We offer a range of tyres from good quality yet budget priced types to the higher grade, top branded varieties. What grade of tyre you fit to your vehicle might depend on the use you put it to, and we’ll gladly advise you on the best type - not necessarily the most expensive - to put on your wheels. 

We don’t believe in ‘cheap but not so cheerful’ tyre options so, whatever you choose, you’ll be getting a good quality tyre relative to your budget with our service.


If you have a puncture it may be repairable thus saving on the cost of a new tyre, so bring your vehicle in and we’ll take a look.

Tyres can affect the way your vehicle drives and its feel enormously, so call the experienced motor specialists in Chiseldon now to see how we can help.

Get a quote to for your vehicle.

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