Save on expensive DPF replacement costs

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is designed to remove the soot particles from your diesel engine’s emissions. They’ve been widely fitted to vehicle exhaust systems since around 2003 in response to ever-more stringent EU emissions regulations.

The DPF problem

If your vehicle spends much of its time at optimum operating temperature on longer trips, then the DPF should work effectively in that it will remove soot particles without getting clogged up.

On the other hand, if you cover smaller mileages with several shorter trips with maybe a lot of start/stop driving, your DPF can’t easily clear itself because it needs to work at optimum temperature to do so (this is called ‘regeneration’). 

After a while, the DPF gets clogged and can no longer work effectively; not only are soot particles not filtered out, but the clogged DPF can cause the engine to perform poorly with a resultant loss of power and increased fuel consumption. 

The DPF will require replacement at usually great expense - likely over four figures.

Preventative steps

If you know you’ll mainly be covering small distances with your engine not running at its optimum temperature very often, you can help the DPF by taking the vehicle for an open road run for an extended period around once a month. 

This will help the DPF warm up and ‘regenerate’ (clear the accumulated matter from itself). Unfortunately, if your DPF has deteriorated to the point where you notice a drop off in engine performance and perhaps your DPF or emissions warning light has illuminated, then taking it for a run won’t help - it’s a preventative measure not a cure.

The EVS Elite DPF solution

We may be able to rescue things if your DPF has deteriorated beyond help - we’ll likely prevent you having to meet the towering costs of replacement.

One option is to clean your DPF which may or may not be possible. We’ll take a look and see if it’s feasible before committing you to it.

Another option is to remove the DPF and remap your engine to compensate. As our ‘Remapping’ page explains, we change the software in your vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that controls the engine settings.

This measure is perfectly safe in that your emissions will be ‘clean’ in terms of passing the MOT emissions test, and will restore your engine to its previous performance and economy levels.

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