Finding the fault without charging the earth

When your vehicle makes an ‘odd noise’ or a light illuminates on your dashboard, you need the problem investigating. Unfortunately this ‘investigation’ - diagnostics - isn’t cheap at a main dealer as they’ll charge a hefty fee just for ‘plugging your engine in’ to a diagnostics machine to detect what the problem is.

Here at EVS Elite you won’t pay inflated main dealer prices for fault finding; using modern diagnostic testing equipment we’ll get to the bottom of your vehicle’s problem for a far more reasonable rate. 

When ‘plugging your car in’ to see what fault code is being shown (your vehicle will usually ‘tell’ us with a code what the fault is) we then analyse other data being produced by your vehicle’s electronic systems to isolate the problem and advise you of what work may be required. 

A variety of faults 

Your vehicle’s systems can flag up a variety of fault warnings such as problems with the ABS (Anti Lock Brakes), the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), your automatic gearbox or airbags along with the anti-skid and traction control systems (where fitted). 

We understand the common fault codes generated by OBD (On Board Diagnostics), and can work on a variety of different vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers to accurately diagnose the problem. 

So if you hear an odd noise coming from somewhere or a warning light comes on, pick up the phone to us.

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