Quick and convenient clutch repair

If you are having difficulty engaging gears while your engine is running or whilst trying to accelerate your revs are increasing but your speed is not then your clutch is probably worn or slipping. Time to call us here at EVS Elite, your local motoring services expert in the Chiseldon area, for some fast value for money attention.

No matter how careful and gentle you are with the your clutch, it will likely need replacing at some stage; like your brake pads, your clutch is a ‘wear and tear’ item so will inevitably fail eventually. At EVS Elite we’ve been working on clutches for all manner of vehicles for fast approaching two decades so we’re the professionals to call.

We’re experienced in clutch and related work, and we’ll help you make significant savings compared to having the job done at a main dealer. 

Don’t wait until your clutch fails completely leaving you stranded on the roadside - call your local experts in north Wiltshire if you think your clutch needs attention.

Get a quote to for your vehicle.

Whether you're looking for a performance remap or a clutch repair, get in touch with us to get a quote for your vehicle.